My name is Andrea Giuliano.

I am a freelance photojournalist and artist based in Turin. Besides covering international lgbti news for, I mainly focus on documenting and illustrating grassroots activities in the areas of civil rights and migration. I have occasionally reported for RADIO RAI, and my pictures have been published on Repubblica (IT), Männer (DE), Neues Deutschland (DE), GaystarNews (UK), Konradsblatt (DE), Wiener Zeitung (AT), Index (HU), Siegessäule (DE), Gaypost (IT) and Neue Energie (DE).

When it comes to art I focus on the reinterpretation of architecture, nature and archaeology, deconstructing beauty and celebrating the “dirty elegance” of run-down buildings, deserted spaces and forgotten faces. I also have my own concept of “queer”, and I use it in order to analyze the Self, its fears and desires. Some of my works have been published on Ottar (SE), Funzine (HU), Librarius (HU) and Café Babel (UK).